As usual, I was in a supermarket. If I'd thought about it, which I suppose I did, there were quite a lot of places I'd rather have been. But... you know. I don't ever remember deciding to spend any time at all in supermarkets, but there I was. Trying to buy something. Something or other. I'd forgotten what it was, which pretty much seemed to be the supermarket's fault. There were a lot of aisles. A lot of light. I was amazed at the way people steered their shopping trolleys past those pushed by other people. That was just skill. When it was busy, people waited their turn for the baked beans or whatever.
Underneath the supermarket there were trenches where demons shovelled bodies - the dead, the half-dead, the wounded, the despised - into deep trenches. There was a horrible sense that everything was inevitable. Down there, things were dusty and left behind. They powered the lighting system with every regret the shoppers above had ever had. Even their subterranean sewerage systems were operated by regret.
Up above, in the supermarket, everything was keyed up for some sort of trancendental moment... the space, the light, the congregation. But nothing happened except for shopping. Um. No problem there, I suppose.
That would have been okay.
Really, it would. I could have coped, and everything.