Men in pink florescent coats are burying the dead by the side of the road. They are yawning. There is a solitary figure on the overpass, watching the traffic flow east. Three motionless horses are standing by some wet straw in the rain in a redundant field next to the business park which is all made of green glass held miraculously vertical in the brown mud.
That part is in development.
Next door is what I'd call a showcase. The immense green glass palaces are spaced perfectly amongst each other, and reflected cumuli flick gently across their surfaces. I like the trees; they are perfect, like the ones in architects' 3-D renderings. They have been planted in lines, wide avenues of hopeful saplings bordering new black tarmac car parks, freshly delineated into car-shaped boxes. There aren't many people at work in these new premises, because it's Sunday. But the cars that belong to people who are either very keen or contractually obliged are parked very well, and at a certain distance from each other. The distance reminds me of the distance between men at a public urinal where there's room for them to be choosy. I like it that these people are awake and working on a Sunday. I don't know, but it gives me a warm feeling. I'm envious of them. I imagine them in their cars going home along the A roads, or the motorway, and their cars will be warm with the radio playing, and they'll be thinking about, something. And they'll turn into the estate of new houses and their house will be in there and they'll know which one it is and they'll drive up and park and lock the car and get out and unlock the front door and everything will be all right.
I like it.
After the green park for business is a big housing estate that looks very new. The gardens have grass and white plastic garden furniture, often on patio areas. There are occasional swings. It's quite hard to see much, because there is a high defensive rampart, ten or fifteen feet tall, running the length of the estate next to the motorway. On top of the rampart is a wooden fence to keep the noise of the traffic away.
After I stopped looking.