and after all the parties and the reunions and those funerals and everything, i remembered that we had buried a time capsule. perhaps we were already old friends when we had the plan; fill a sealed box with our secrets and bury it. i think the idea was to dig it up when all our secrets had become aged and meaningless and didnt hurt and couldnt break anything.
i'm here now typing on my computer.
same old, same old.
my language isn't necessary at all.
everything has to go out.
i feel like a dunce.
i've landed on an alien world.
life is a seedy, dirty, nasty thing, but it has to be covered. my life is pretty much covered with accidents, disasters, mistakes; all small, all inconsequential. nothing I've done would interest you. i buried my secrets.
my life was, you know, great and interesting and everything. and awful and unbelievable and terrible.
and exciting. and boring. over.