When I moved to my new flat I was very happy but when I worked out that the whispering voices that I can hear when I put my head under the water in the bath belong to dead people I wasn't happy any longer, particularly because I realised that every time I put my head under the water when I had a bath the voices were slightly louder than the time before.
I tried not putting my head under the water when I had a bath but every fucking time curiosity got the better of me and I had to try it just for a second just to check and of course, even half a second of that sort of thing would bother anyone.
I keep asking the landlord to put a shower in but he prevaricates and says things like what do you want a shower for thats a lovely old bath thats an antique that is look at it it's Victorian you'd pay top dollar for one of those at the reclamation yard.
It's all right for him. He hasn't got fucking dead people talking to him every time he washes his hair.