Possibly I was watching TV.
But I'm not sure. There was some sort of war; the usual, really. The main thing seemed to be that people were shooting at other people. Not that anything seemed worth fighting about, but there they were, shooting and killing. Idiots. Anyway. Whatever. Bang bang, kill kill, dead dead. Nothing exciting. Nothing new. Anyway, I was watching this from some sort of viewpoint, and then I noticed something odd about the terrain. There were circular patches of ground, unnaturally green, unnaturally flat...
You're right. It was a golf course coated with war.
That's right.
A golf course.
I suppose that the camera panned round, but the strangest thing was what I saw next. There were some men shooting at some other men. A lot of them ended up being shot, and a lot of those men fell over. They were the dead ones, after it had all finished.
The strangest thing?
Yes, that was what I was going to tell you about.
Well, maybe it isn't so strange.
There was a man sitting on a folding chair, on one of the golf greens.
There he was, and there was a small folding table in font of him, with a glass on it.
His caddy was, with a shaking hand, pouring a drink into his glass.
And that man sat there, drinking his drink.
Maybe he was waiting for the war to be finished.