Like everyone else, I fell into love to the soundtrack of famine and war. During this episode I failed to think much about it. I devoted my attention to the eyelashes and the freckles on her face. I thought about sex also. During my period of falling I was stung by a wasp, failed to recognise my face in the mirror, was the subject of laughter, ate little and infrequently, assumed I was unique, had difficulties with reality, crashed in my car, had mosquitos feast on my forehead, lost my job and had diarrhoea.
Although none of the above were important to me at the time. I remember them only because I had fallen into love. Do you love me? I love you. Do you love me? I love you.
And nothing else mattered and nothing else happened. The famine and the war were like wallpaper.
If we had been murdered in our beds. If we had been forcibly separated. If our families had been killed. If we had lost our minds. If she had been killed. If I had been killed. If we had been beaten raped tortured stabbed shot tied up with barbed wire dragged along the road behind the tanks
None of the above.
None of that has happened to us yet.