The world is at terrible risk from hideous and malevolent alien monsters and it is up to me to do something about it.
Luckily I stumble across an alien podule which can take me up to the huge war satellite that is circling Earth. It is a squeeze, but I get into the podule and quickly comprehend the alien dashboard and launch into space. Within minutes I dock with the war satellite and effect my egress. The satellite is a maze of chrome corridors, and I creep along them in my silent, rubber-soled shoes. I take my Beretta from inside my dinner-jacket as I hear a faint cough in the distance. I pass along more corridors and through several chrome rooms the size of cathedrals until I near my quarry. I peer around a doorway and am surprised to see a famous professor from Earth. Swiftly I attack him. When I kick him in the stomach, he collapses like a sack of heavy air. I pull him to his feet and interrogate him. It seems that he has been creating alien monsters with an evil alien academic who wants to take over the planet Earth. At first he assumed the alien was well-intentioned, but the monsters they made were increasingly violent and deranged. He introduces me to his first monster, who is very courteous, but I am told that all the subsequent monsters would tear my head off at the slightest provocation. I decide to let the professor go, for the time being, and hefting my Beretta, I go in search of my nemesis.