Firstly, if you want to contact the Slowly Downward Manufactory, you could try this link:
Secondly, if you have a spare half an hour and you don't have anything else to do, you could fill the time by going to one of these websites. These are the links I've managed to write down from sites that I've been to for one reason or another. I realise that the whole point of the internet is hypertext links, so I will attempt to periodically add to this. Ha. He's a bad-ass motherfucker. Wish I'd thought of that. And that. And that. That too. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... Model Citizens, another exhibit at Schunck* whilst the Red Maze was there.
moretolifethanbooks: Yeah, maybe there is. As they say, inscrutable. The website of Clifford Harper, anarchist and artist. Ink and surface. Marching like dinosaurs across the landscape... Book reviews and stuff. Bill Drummond's site... ...and someone has put The Manual by the KLF online. Schunck, where my Red Maze was, until 14th March 2010... Ric Jerrom, the Red Man of the Red Maze, is a member of this gang of deviants. Beautiful bikes from Germany... ...and beautifully made typefaces from Liverpool. This is very cool. You probably came here from there. Mr Lazarides' online gallery. An artist called Christian Nold. A museum of barbed wire. In Texas. The Victorian internet. Sounds impossible, but it isn't. An interesting book shop. A Brighton gallery that I have exhibited my work in. A record label that makes beautiful CD sleeves. Novi_sad. Music. Listen to Donadea Forest Recordings, if you like. A bike blog from Copenhagen. The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Latest images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Nothing to do with Soho. A Bristol gallery where I've exhibited. Victorian ghost stories. A guide to the public houses of Soho, London. Everything to do with Soho. The brilliant Schnews weekly. A Richard Brautigan site. Keeping an eye on the money... Speak You're Branes. An antidote to all the fatuous comments you've ever read. The Daily Nice, Jason Evans' photo site. Matthew Herbert's site. He's always up to something. Iguapop gallery, in Barcelona, where I showed some paintings. A Spalding Gray site. An online art gallery, based in Brighton.